About us

 About Us

Here at Pink Carnation, we believe everyone is worth celebrating and everyone deserves to dream big. We celebrate fearlessness, uniqueness, and imperfections that make us more beautiful. A brand that celebrates the true expressive art in fashion, we are both grateful and honored to be a part of your amazing story told through your fashion choices.



Our Purpose


Pink Carnation is a symbol of gratitude. Befitting of our name, The Pink Carnation Shop is aimed at showing gratitude and giving people more reasons to be grateful. We stay true to our values of community, authenticity, growth, and empowerment as we provide products and experiences that give customers confidence and reignite their sense of individuality in a fashion world dominated by big-box corporations.


“Let’s Grow Together”


We showcase free-thinking local artisans and independent designers. We not only aim to provide high-quality clothes that speak to your personality, but we also aim to build lifelong friendships as we empower each other and bond over quality products curated for real life and real people.



Our Founder


Spending most of her childhood in school uniform, Amber's passion to express individuality through fashion has been apparent from her funky shoes and showstopper backpacks. After getting her degree in Visual Communications from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in L.A., Amber has already worked with large names in fashion such as Zara, BCBG, Urban Outfitters, and Free People. 


Determined to pursue her passion and create a brand she can be proud to be a part of, she left her successful career to build Pink Carnation, a community that takes care of the family: our employees, customers, and the city where we do business in.